We come up with exciting news for the community that Pashe is coming opensource soon. Pashe team really delighted to have our advisor and few technology experts joined our team. Please welcome our advisor Dr. Mashiur Rahman Mashiur Rahman is an exceptional talented person with great backgroud both research and professional areas, worked in Japan, USA and currently working as Engineering Manager at OMRON Healthcare Singapore. He is also founder of multiple startups including Quraner Alo and Learn Time. Dr. Mashiur bhai will be guiding the core team regarding project management and launch strategies. Additionaly please welcome our technology experts Rafsanul Hasan & [Delwar Hossain] Both of them will help us from technology stand points. Meeting
Few discussion points and decision:

  1. We will launch static pages for now to keep the donation platform running/live. This would help us learning field operation challenges.
  2. We will complete our ground tasks asap to make Pashe opensource.
  3. Enlisting Pashe as non-profit organization.
  4. Had some discussion on Pashe running budget arrangement/management. Team is very excited! Stay tuned :)