The world is missing a transparent system that can allow donors to directly contribute to verified receivers and follow up with them in a trustworthy way. We are going to fill this up, primarily to stand beside Bangladesh in any emergency need.

Pashe is a non-profit online donation platform to help people financially or voluteery effort for people who are in need.

Pashe Developers are a group of highly skilled developers creating a better world.

Becoming a Pashe.Devs Member

You can apply to become member ogranization.

If you’re confident that you can help people with your coding skill, add your name here here and create a pull request.

Please maintain the format in alphabetial order.

In the pull request include details about your group and why you think your user group is eligible.

Writing at Pashe.Devs

You can write posts for Pashe.Devs blog by sharing your technical experience and new learning. Consider the following steps:

  • Create a fork from pashe.devs repo.
  • Under ‘__posts’ folder create a md file with following format ‘’ (example:
  • In the file header put the following
layout: post
title: "post title"
permalink: blog/post-permanent-link
  • Make a pull request.

Happy coding!


  • 10072021: Pashe Weekly Dev Meeting Update

    We come up with exciting news for the community that Pashe is coming opensource soon. Pashe team really delighted to have our advisor and few technology experts joined our team. Please welcome our advisor Dr. Mashiur Rahman Mashiur Rahman is an exceptional talented person with great backgroud both research and professional areas, worked in Japan, USA and currently working as Engineering Manager at OMRON Healthcare Singapore. He is also founder of multiple startups including Quraner Alo and Learn Time. Dr. Mashiur bhai will be guiding the core team regarding project management and launch strategies. Additionaly please welcome our technology experts Rafsanul Hasan & [Delwar Hossain] Both of them will help us from technology stand points. Meeting
    Few discussion points and decision:

    1. We will launch static pages for now to keep the donation platform running/live. This would help us learning field operation challenges.
    2. We will complete our ground tasks asap to make Pashe opensource.
    3. Enlisting Pashe as non-profit organization.
    4. Had some discussion on Pashe running budget arrangement/management. Team is very excited! Stay tuned :)
  • 04102020: Pashe DevOps (Lambda,EC2,ECS)

    Pashe DevOps Lead Mahmudul Islam Bhai leading DevOps from the very begining. He is working as SRE(Site Reliability Engineer) at Rokt, Australia.
    Tonight he had taken a session on Lambda, EC2, ECS & Pashe App deployment strategy.
    He expained nicely how lambda works & what is EC2, ECS. Pashe developers enriched their knowledge about AWS through this session.
    DevOps Session

  • 28092020: Pashe API Walkthrough(EISK Library)

    Pashe Architect, Microsoft MVP Ashraf Alam Bhai
    demonstrate detail of EISK library. Ashraf Bhai expained how to write code, test cases etc using EISK.
    Pashe team was happy getting indepth knowledge over the library which is written by Ashraf Bhai.
    Click on the images below to get the recorded session.
    API Walkthrough
    API Walkthrough
    API Walkthrough

  • 27092020: Pashe Weekly Dev Meeting Update

    Tonight Pashe UI Exparts(Imran Mondal, Tawsif Alam & Rojab Khan) given a great presentation on Pashe landing page development. Developers were excitted on the UI architectural session given by Imran Mondal. He explained various benifit of next.js library used in our development.
    Knowledge sharing session
    Knowledge sharing session
    Knowledge sharing session Finally the Pashe landig page looks like:
    Knowledge sharing session
    Knowledge sharing session
    At the end we set our new target for the team as follows
    1) Pashe landing page will live on next Wednesday 7th Oct 2020 - Imran & Mahmudul Bhai
    2) Doner & Receiver Registration on next Wednesday 14th Oct 2020 - UI: Tawsif, API: Sana, Zamee, RDBMS: Ahsan Bhai & Siddik

    Click the image below for the recorded session
    Weekly Update Meeting

  • 20092020: Pashe Weekly Dev Meeting Update

    Tonight Pashe Architect Microsoft MVP Ashraf Alam Bhai presented how to stay connected & get the update. This is really a challenge as Pashe engineers are working from 6 different countries. Now it seems everyone easily can get the update from a single point of source. Pashe blogging going to be another knowledge sharing platform.

    Knowledge sharing session
    Knowledge sharing session
    Click the image below for the recorded session
    Weekly Update Meeting
    Team is very near to our first milestone! Stay tuned :)

  • Pashe Weekly Dev Meeting Update 13092020

    Pashe.Devs is doing development update meeting every week on Sunday at 9PM BST. Pashe developers update their progress through this meeting. Tonight(13/09/2020) developers were excited due to the session taken by Ashraf Alam Bhai,System Architect, UK. Knowledge sharing session Knowledge sharing session Knowledge sharing session Knowledge sharing session

  • Global Webinar on Edge Computing

    Pashe.Devs is excited to support first Global Dev Connection Webnair on Edge Computing supported by DotConnect. Event date and topics will be published later. But if you can’t wait, you can check here to learn more details.

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